Dr. Ciarán Kenny

BSc (Hons), PGCE, PhD

I am currently an online educator for Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate students on the following three self-created websites:


Junior Cycle Maths



Leaving Cert Maths



Leaving Cert Applied Maths


Prior to this, I enrolled in a PGCE course at the University of Leicester in Physics with Mathematics as well as recently completing a PhD in theoretical astrophysics. My primary research area during my PhD was in modelling the acceleration of cosmic rays in the heliosphere. In particular, I both analytically and numerically solved the relevant transport equation for suprathermal particles obtained via quasi-linear theory under a “pressure balance” condition.


Physics With Mathematics

University of Leicester

I undertook a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course which included ten-week placements at Rawlins Academy, South Wigston High School and Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth I College. This gave me the opportunity to both improve on my previous teaching experience in Ireland as well as adapt my skills to the English national curriculum.


Theoretical Astrophysics

University College Dublin

Studying under Professor Peter Duffy, I investigated the acceleration of particles in the presence of large-scale compressible turbulence and compared the resulting spectra to the universal suprathermal tails observed experimentally.

BSc Hon.

Theoretical Physics

University College Dublin

During my degree, I took modules across a broad range of topics including astrophysics, computational physics, general relativity, fluid dynamics, computer programming, quantum physics, electromagnetism, particle physics and mathematical modelling.

I was awarded a First Class Honours with a final GPA of 4.12 (highest GPA = 4.2), the highest GPA of UCD science graduates that year.

Leaving Certificate

Dublin, Ireland

Honour grades obtained in eight subjects including physics, mathematics, applied mathematics and accountancy, achieving the highest points at my school for that year.

Online Educator

Junior Cycle & Leaving Cert

Junior Maths, L.C. Maths & A.M. Online
2022 – Present

Currently, I am the online educator, website designer, animator and content creator for A.M. Online, L.C. Maths and Junior Maths, websites devoted to teaching Leaving Certificate Applied Maths, Leaving Certificate Maths and Junior Certificate Maths respectively.

The creation of these websites involved a broad understanding of many programming languages as well as knowledge of various illustration and animation software.

Prior to this, I had a similar role in teaching the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) to students in the USA.

Occasional Lecturer

Physics & Mathematics

University College Dublin

During my PhD, I sporadically undertook a lecturing role in various modules across physics. This involved preparing and giving lectures, correcting homework and class tests and aiding students with any difficulties that they may be having in each respective module.

Secondary School Teacher

Applied Maths & Maths

St. Conleth’s College, Dublin

I undertook teaching roles across all age ranges, primarily teaching the subjects of mathematics and applied mathematics. This involved preparing and giving classes and writing in-class and final exams.

Tutor & Laboratory Demonstrator

Physics & Mathematics

University College Dublin

I served as the primary tutor for various modules throughout my PhD, including modules in astrophysics, thermodynamics, mechanics, computational physics and mathematics. This involved preparing relevant tutorial problems, giving tutorials in a lecture theatre setting, as well as interacting with students by answering any relevant questions that they may have.

I also acted as the primary lab demonstrator in both the third year and fourth year physics undergraduate laboratories. This involved giving classes on programming languages that needed to be used in certain experiments, helping students if they were unable to get their apparatus to work, and generally aiding them with any questions that they may have.


I am proficient in many programming languages, including MATLAB, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++, PHP and LaTeX, all of which I have used throughout both my education and career. I have also completed various MOOCs in my spare time in order to understand the basics of other programming languages, including Julia and Ruby.

Summer School

During the summers of 2015 and 2016, I was the primary tutor, lab demonstrator and occasional lecturer for the University College Dublin Physics Summer School, a program dedicated to teaching American medical students a introductory physics course over an eight-week period.


During the summer of 2010, I attended the Culham Plasma Physics Summer School in Oxfordshire, UK, where I attended lectures and took part in workshops.


During the summer of 2008, I undertook a 6-week internship at CERN, Switzerland. This involved attending various lectures as well as assisting with the first inaugural tests of the LHC.

Note-Taking Booklet For MCAT ACE Preparation Course
Dr. Ciarán Kenny and Dr. Sepehr Bahadorani

ISBN: 9798657761894

Charge Exchange Losses And Stochastic Acceleration In The Solar Wind
Dr. Ciarán Kenny and Prof. Peter Duffy
(Thesis) The Transport Of Energetic Particles In The Heliosphere And The Local Interstellar Medium
Dr. Ciarán Kenny


I am an avid hiker and traveller, having completed many long-distance hikes across Europe and elsewhere.

In particular, I have completed 20+ Camino de Santiago hikes across Spain, Portugal and France. In doing so, I have accomplished various feats that I am personally proud of, including hiking more than 120 km in a single day on multiple occasions.


I enjoy partaking in extreme sports and activities, including skydiving, bungee jumping, bouldering, hang gliding and paragliding. I relish the opportunity to try any new activity when the opportunity presents itself.

References upon request.

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